reshuffle small groups (a fridea)

A lot of college ministry small groups run year-long, possibly adding students along the way but maintaining the same “group.” Some may run on a different schedule, but this Fridea still fits.

And here it is: As needed, consider combining, splitting, or otherwise reshuffling your small groups.

Don’t let structure – of the small groups effort as a whole, or of individual groups – be sacrosanct. It might profit the members (and your ministry) to shuffle outside of the “normal” time. Hypothetical examples include…

  • A group that has dwindled, especially if it lacks critical mass for a good experience week-to-week. Combining groups could be a great way forward here.
  • A small group leader is needed to lead elsewhere in the college ministry. Or graduates. Or quits. Whatever the case, it’s okay to consider absorbing those students into other groups instead of pushing forward with a new leader.
  • A group has continued to grow and really would function better (and feel more open for new visitors) if it became two smaller groups.
  • A few small groups are going fine… but they’re really just fine. New life might be breathed into groups by shuffling. Sometimes you’d be surprised by how well students accept a chance to choose new options on new nights – because they, too, realize it’s just been “okay.”

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