getting the gang together

Most college ministries have a Large Group Meeting as one methodological pillar of a few. So our field is well-versed in getting everyone together.

But how often does every true “regular” feel like they’re a “member,” in the sense of being “part of something”? How often are all “regulars” gathered when there also aren’t (at least hypothetically) visitors also around? In a weird way, the very hospitality and new-person-seeking that’s a bedrock for most healthy college ministries works against them on this one score. The largest, most “all of us” kind of gathering is often outsider-facing, meaning the only folks who convene for “family talk” are student leaders and the like.

It’s not a terrible problem, but it’s worth considering the way a sense of “belonging” or “family” or “movement” increases participation and community. And then evaluating if there are chances to “get the gang together” – not to exclude, but to include in ways that encourage, and even make everyone even better at the outsider-facing stuff.

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