a retreat to find their “place”

This week’s vacation took me yesterday to UC Santa Barbara with its many, many bicyclists… plus the original Freebirds World Burrito nearby, in the fantastic college town setting of Isla Vista. And it brings you another post from a past November!

As part of a seminar on Student Leadership, I have discussed ways to raise up leaders from within (or even outside) our campus ministries.

One little nugget from that talk makes a handy idea: Build a retreat, a weekend, or a series of gatherings around helping students find their “place.”

One college ministry (that I was a part of) once used a retreat to teach on and discuss spiritual gifts, complete with having students work through one of those helpful “spiritual gifts inventories.” You could do the same thing with personality tests – from DISC or Choleric, Sanguine, etc. to something more hearty, like Myers-Briggs. Heck, you could even try to get through the whole SHAPE inventory or have everybody take the StrengthsFinder test.

A retreat gives you the context in which to discuss results. What’s more, students can find others who score similarly to them – who knows the synergy that might take place there?

On the other hand, like so many things a college ministry teaches on, these things could be tailored into a seminar or two for the campus at-large – especially if you or someone you know is a true expert on any of this. Plenty of non-Christian or non-involved students might be drawn to a mini-conference that will help them, too, find their place in the world… and that’s a great bridge toward helping them find their place in the Kingdom, too.

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