the balance of activity & equipping

Quick question today, at a good moment in the semester to adjust things if needed…

As a college minister, do your calls to action outweigh the equipping you provide your students?

What every minister must be careful not to let happen is for the activities we push to be only weakly backed by biblical foundations and/or training in principles and skills.

That’s what I mean by “equipping” and presumably what the Bible means too. We build our students up in principles, skills, and the truths about why activities are spiritually worthy pursuits. We never assume “they know why” or “they know how” or use words like “obviously, we should…” We equip.

Figuring out the balance is tricky, though. There will be activity announcements and event calendars that don’t contain (within themselves) equipping. This is more about watching a campus ministry’s overall balance and trajectory. Would a student who has hung out with your ministry for a month have an inkling of why – biblically – you’re urging them to join a small group, go on a mission trip, witness on campus, etc.? And would they be hearing (at least if they’ve signed up) the principles and skills needed to thrive in the activities they join?

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