thanksgiving requires think-giving

A holiday like Thanksgiving shouldn’t pass without college ministers pondering how they might leverage it. And yes, Thanksgiving is a prime opportunity – with weird schedules, unique groups of students “left” on campus, and more.

I’ve posted these potential opportunities before, but they’re worth revisiting:

  1. Service projects. Find out some ways to impact local ministries, and throw those ideas out to your students.
  2. Meals or other fun. Students who are here during the Thanksgiving weekend would probably be especially blessed by being offered a chance to get together – they’re likely bummed they can’t be home with family. This includes international students! If you’re going to be around, consider inviting students into your home, or find a place (like a local church or somewhere on campus) where you could hold a meal / games / football-watching / etc. day.
  3. Point to other orgs’ planned opportunities. What are the local churches (including your own) doing? Does the campus have any official plans? Do any local organizations have plans for that week? (You might be surprised what you can find.) Service projects? Serving meals to others? Holding festive meals for their own members (and potential student visitors)?

One more tip: Talk to administration (including the office that looks after International Students). Not only might they have ideas, they’ll likely love the fact that you’re serving students during this weird week.

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