field groups (a fridea)

How often do students gather or connect based on their career fields?

It seems much more common to group students by class year. Either this means small groups with all freshmen, sophomores, etc., or it means putting upperclassmen in discipling relationships with younger students.

But do you ever put all the Biology students (or even “Sciences” students) in a group? Or get students to mentor other students based on major? I’ve even seen a big college ministry split its Large Group Meeting by major on occasion.

This doesn’t need to replace other forms of gatherings or discipleship (though it could). You may offer a special gathering, in-person or online forums, a one-time “summit” (maybe even in concert with other college ministries). Or something else.

I am dedicated to continuing to push Collegiate Ministry toward a better assimilation of “faith and work” principles. Working out one’s salvation in the context of career is a superb way to start.

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