getting together in common cause, whatever that cause may be

This week and next, I have the privilege to attend two conferences that have the potential to be outstanding. The first, put on by the Chalmers Center, will explore serving and “doing missions” in ways that help best – with particular contextualization for us in Dallas-Fort Worth. The second is a “summit” on all things connecting faith with the workplace, presented by the Center for Faith & Work.

(Both topics are enormously important for college ministers, but that’s actually not today’s point.)

I’m sure I’ll find some great blog fodder at the two conferences. But it also connects with an old, brief post that I wanted to re-suggest…

I have the chance today to hang out at something called Greater Dallas Movement Day, a gathering of ministry, church, and lay leaders who are focused on impacting various causes. More than anything else, it seems designed simply to get people devoted to the same cause in the room together.

That gets me thinking: How are Christian students on your campus doing the same thing? Surely your ministry alone (even if it’s large) can’t tackle every topic that might be on your students’ hearts. Is someone dedicated to fighting sex trafficking? To promoting purity? To apologetics? Are there any venues where they can connect with students in other campus ministries that are interested in the same causes?

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