worship with purpose

For those college ministries that sing together at their Large Group Meeting, this is one area I believe offers some of the biggest room to add intentionality to a ministry. And it’s an area we should really care about running with purpose: Worship leaders are discipling your whole group, for one thing. And secondly, the students who lead in this area are very likely to use those skills to lead others after college, too, potentially touching large (or small) audiences for years to come.

So spending good energy on forming your worship time AND your worship leaders has a particularly high “ROI.”

What are some key notions for adding intentionality to your worship experience?

  • Cast the vision with the leaders that this is discipleship from the stage. Make them plan around that idea, and use that language whenever possible.
  • Make sure you’re settled on your theology of who can be part of a worship team. College ministers will differ here, both in who can serve as “worship leader” and who’s qualified to be in the band.  Just make sure you’re purposeful in defining for yourself what “qualified” means.
  • Urge worship leaders to consider the impact of their choices on the entire Large Group Meeting. The various elements of the night should be in tandem, not “modular.”
  • Lead the top leaders of this group to shepherd the rest of the worship crew. A worship leader with 5 people in the band isn’t just shepherding your ministry members through worship, he’s shepherding the band members even more initimately. Or can be.
  • Finally, disciple that leader or leaders to be intentional about every part of what they do. Much of this is covered above, but it bears repeating. Their song choices, other elements they work in to worship time, how they’re involved in the rest of the college ministry, even what they wear and how they introduce new songs – all of these are things worth weighing.

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