what will your ministry host this semester? (a fridea)

An oldie but goodie…

What could your ministry host?

Each semester, there’s a certain amount of activity on your campus that could potentially be “hosted” by your ministry. This is certainly true if you have a building, but it’s also true in cases when a sponsorship by a student organization (or by a church) would be useful.

A third option would be letting others use your regular meeting time / space – which might allow them to have a great spot on campus and reach “critical mass” with the help of your students. You’d only want to offer that last one in truly strategic cases… but that’s true for any of this.

I realize this is particularly out-of-the-box, and it will take some real creativity (and research). I have seen college ministries “host” at New Student Orientation, with their party or concert or other event becoming a piece of the fabric of the first week of school. One local ministry hosted a giant bus caravan to a football game elsewhere in the state; another provided a “tour of the city” for incoming students.

Other brainstorms? I think it’s easy to imagine hosting / sponsoring a seminar that benefits a wide variety of students and isn’t overtly “religious” but lets you build relationships and bless the campus. Maybe an after-party following the basketball game. Perhaps a Thanksgiving lunch (or Christmas dinner) for those stuck on campus during the break. (Along those lines, the International Student office of many schools can be quite friendly to college ministries that are willing to connect with internationals.)

Like I said, creativity and research… but the benefits could be pretty awesome if it’s done well!

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