delegate goals (a fridea)

Usually when we think of delegating to student leaders, we’re looking to delegate necessary tasks – the regular efforts of a college ministry.

But how often do you delegate  “goals” instead of methods, letting students run with a theme, to accomplish something the ministry needs, in whichever ways they think might work?

For instance, what if you told a student leader you feel community should grow among the guys in your group? What would that leader (or those leaders) come up with? A “Man Feast”? A video game night? A fishing trip? A project to serve the females in your ministry?

College ministers have to be training students not only in the skills of ministry, but also in loftier qualities: taking initiative, forming a plan, effective brainstorming, project management, and so on. By delegating goals – without attached methods – to the right leaders, you’ll be offering a second level of leader training. This doesn’t only have to come through raising up Ministry Teams (for a semester or year of such initiative-taking), but it can come in one-offs, too, as you raise up individuals who seem ready for this next level of leadership.


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