the talent of your students is an embarrassment of riches

I’ve first unwrapped the notion of Asset-Based College Ministry in April of this year. The notion is about mobilizing our students – and our ministry as a whole – by starting with the question, “What do our students bring to the table?” It’s not the only way to determine how you’ll reach your campus – you can look for need too, of course – but it can be a great way (maybe even a better way) to decide what you’re going to do next.

On the other hand, the “asset-based” approach also works well for recruiting volunteers within your ministry. No matter the size of your college ministry, you’ve got a lot of talent. What if you brainstormed possibilities for delegation to students… starting your brainstorming not with what you’d like to delegate but with what students are really good at.

If you successfully sussed out your students skills and experience right now, at the beginning of the school year, it would present all sorts of opportunities for your ministry. The trick is figuring out how you’ll determine your students’ talents.

And then the second trick is to remain thoughtful about whether students should serve in areas they can serve. A student with killer writing skills still may not need to lead your ministry’s blog if they’re not following Jesus all that well. You’ve got to work through that.

But with those points in mind, it’s likely high time to tap into the glut of talent you’ve actually got.

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