church stop(s): a fridea

While this applies differently if you’re a church-based college minister, it’s a Fridea for anybody. And it starts with a question:

What will you do to facilitate your new students finding a church this weekend?

You (as college minister) are (hopefully) plugged in to a church. Let’s presume your staff and student leaders are too.

That presents plenty of chances to invite students to tag along.

Or this can be as simple as providing – and highly publicizing – a list of churches you know are solid, with clear directions and times.

If you’re a church-based college minister, you can get the ball rolling on this too. Reach out to local college ministers and let them know how you’ll facilitate freshmen getting to know your church. Get together with other church-based ministers to organize a multi-week “tour.” Create a useful directory of churches. Something.

Whatever the case, claiming to be “pro-church” means (since you’re a shepherd) you’ve got to shepherd on this point, too.

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