Every college minister knows that the ROI on tending to freshman during the first few weeks of school is huge. There’s no doubt about that.

But another group – smaller in numbers, but with their own set of wants and needs – offers college ministers the chance to make a major impact on someone, at a point it might be especially life-changing for them.

What have you done already to reach, serve, impact, and/or recruit transfer students?

This is one of the zillion contextual differences in college ministry fields, but it’s likely that someone on your campus is new – but not a traditional freshman student. Transfer students and “transfer equivalents” (like perhaps some students who come in a bit older?) may differ in perspectives, optimism (or lack thereof), fears (or lack thereof), and even perceived life-stage. They may be less inclined to join a club… or moreso, depending on previous experience.

And on and on.

The point is, who’s reaching them? There may be fewer, but they also need to be reached before time’s up.