quick: share what you’re seeing (a fridea)

Let’s start a tradition this year, with the other college ministers on your campus.

What if – no more than 2-3 weeks into the semester – you got together to hear what they’re noticing about the spiritual, academic, and various other climates at the school?

I’ve mentioned this before as a great Christmas Break opportunity, although my emphasis in that post was seeing how other ministries are doing. That would be helpful too, and I’ve included some of those thoughts below. But at this point, it’s most useful to hear what they’re observing – about the freshmen, about the school, and about God’s direction for their own ministries this year.

Here are those related thoughts from a while back:

In general, I think it’s really healthy for ministers to be at the place where they can share about what’s going on, using real numbers and real descriptions, and discussing both the positive and negative aspects…

What’s more, we should be sharing with each other what we’re seeing God doing, what concerns He seems to be placing on our hearts, and where we feel Him leading in regards to teaching, events, and other strategies.

Why am I so keen on this? Because I believe we’re at our best when we see the true “lay of the land,” and that’s only possible when we get information from those outside our bubble. It’s good for us to know that our numbers are down but another ministries’ numbers are up… or else that everybody’s down, or everybody’s up, or some other combination. It’s good for us to realize that God has laid the same thing on multiple ministers’ hearts.

And so on.

The next few weeks are a great time to huddle with the people in town who most understand the work you do – other college ministers, even though they’re coming from different organizations or different branches of our field.

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