make it clear & pithy (a fridea)

The last couple of days (here and here), I’ve written about the importance of a clarified “route” for students to progress through your ministry, as they grow in commitment and maturity.

So to tie that to a Fridea, the takeaway is simply this:

Spend time figuring out how to share that “path” with students.

You’ll have time to flesh it out. But how will you – in ten seconds – get your expectations and hopes into students’ heads?

It might be “Worship with Us, Meet with Us, Lead with Us.” It might be “Taste, Study, Serve, Own.” It might be “Belong, Believe, Be the Church.”

But of course, you figure out the path. You make sure it’s really clear. Then you make it pithy.

This is worth spending time on before the year starts – even though August is the most valuable time of all. It could truly help students progress through your ministry, and in their own discipleship.

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