as the year starts, how’s your student route?

A simple – but vital – check-up before you welcome new students (and welcome old students back).

You need to clarify the expected student “movement” through your campus ministry.

Once a student comes through the front door (for most college ministries, that’s a Large Group Meeting), what should they do next? It may be as simple as Large Group, then small groups, then volunteering, then leadership (although that by no means is the only smart setup or even the “right” order). But the question is: Are you, your staff, your volunteers, and your students crystal-clear on those hoped-for steps?

Are they acknowledged – and pushed – often?

In my discussions with college ministers, I’m surprised how few can answer the question about their expected route students will take through their programs and opportunities as they mature and connect. It’s got to be clear for everybody. And it’s got to be on the tip of our tongues.

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