just stop

Now is the time of year when you’re likely to be in Go Go Go mode. The start is just around the corner.

But now is actually a great time not only to focus on What to Keep Doing and What to Start, but also on those questions’ evil triplet, What to Stop.

One of the best potential moves for college ministers in August is to decide to put a traditional activity on “hiatus” (if the opportunity presents itself). You don’t want to rush into this, of course, but sometimes the crunch of the oncoming semester creates a wonderful sort of clarity. And so often, the campus ministry calendar gets filled with one-time events or ongoing activities that simply shouldn’t continue… or at least should go on hiatus to see how it affects the ministry, or to renew excitement if/when those activities return to the lineup.

Take a couple of hours in the next week to examine your activities: Anything that can go? You’ll be real glad you cut back, and it’s pretty likely an exciting opportunity will arise in its stead.

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