fodder for discussion questions

There are probably multiple ways to use the Republican National Convention, the upcoming DNC, and other widely publicized “events” to impact college students. But when things like this come along, do you ever consider just talking with students about them?

Specifically, events like the political party conventions naturally bring to the forefront topics that are already on the minds of Americans, including your students. Even a casual observer of last night’s convention speeches (or the Today Show this morning!) knows that safety, war, immigration, and even plagiarism were brought up simply in the first day. Do you think you could have a good convo with students about even a few of those?

I simply believe college ministers need to be on the lookout, like any “shepherds,” for teachable moments. But in the collegiate realm, it’s even more vital that we stay on top of things – because of the nature of the mission field, a field itself which “stays current,” yet with participants who often simply go with the current and don a lot more zeal than knowledge.

So missionaries to the campus tribe have the chance to inject wisdom quickly and deftly, sometimes through preaching but often through dialogue.

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