spots on campus (a fridea)

Have you ever thought about the value of having Christian students scattered throughout the various campus jobs and student leadership positions at your school?

I’m guessing you might have considered the latter, maybe less so for the former. But I also bet few college ministers spend time facilitating or coaching students to consider either of those opportunities. But you can!

What if someone was charged with keeping an eye on the various posts that come available – from snack shop employee to Student Body President – and then sharing that information with your students? Not only would this serve students who want employment or leadership opportunities, but it would also provide some awesome chances to impact your campus through Christ-following students.

This is yet another one of the methods that jumps out at us… once we remember that college ministry is functionally missions. What missionaries wouldn’t be excited to see God call believers into various leadership or service areas of their tribe, town, or territory?

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