the keep-in-touch assessment (a fridea)

It’d be interesting to know a couple of things about your students this summer:

  • How many are communicating with other members of the college ministry this summer?
  • Who in the ministry doesn’t have any in-ministry relationships that they maintain over the summer?

You can see how it’s a pretty interesting assessment, right? Whether or not your college ministry is facilitating friendships is a big deal for students’ lives. And it’ll play an important role in keeping students engaged in your ministry past the summer, too.

There are probably a few ways to measure this, but the one that comes to mind right now is simply asking a question or two as part of a broader survey. You can ask – and this is probably a good point in the summer to do it – a simple, “Have you chatted (online, on the phone, or in-person) with another student in our college ministry so far this summer?” Despite the irregular reasons someone might have or might not have, it’ll give you a good average.

In a smaller ministry, you can have these chats directly. Or you’re likely to come up with a better plan for gauging this with your group. But it’s a good gauge, and it might also give you something to foster when the new school year rolls around!

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