another important catch-up: diverse distinctives

Here’s another really important way you can catch up – if you haven’t already – and summer is a great time for this.

In the ecosystem of a campus, college ministries with varied theologies often inhabit the same space. Even those that fall under the Evangelical banner have important distinctives, and that’s all the more true when you add in non-Protestant ministry, mainline denominations, and even the occasional cult or fully non-orthodox organization.

So are you as familiar as you should be with the distinctives?

It’s a concern if we “just know enough to be dangerous” about denominations and other faiths outside our own. It’s even worse if we just know “that’s not what we believe.” College ministers – of all people – should be conversant about others’ faiths, including the faith of other Christians. And we should be ready when our college students don’t understand the distinctives, and don’t understand why they matter.

Can you discuss the sovereignty views of the RUF crew, describe the tongues of Chi Alpha, talk about the varied unique points of belief held by that Anglican church in town, or chat about metanarratives with CCO or InterVarsity or others?

In other words, can you answer questions from your students about the other campus ministries’ distinct theologies? And can you answer them from a spring of actual study?

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