with incoming students, there’s more to share than your college ministry

This easily-overlooked opportunity first came up a few years ago; here it is, refurbished!

You’ve got a crop of freshmen coming, and hopefully you have some way to get in touch with them. You might encounter them at Orientation. Maybe you get names from the university, or maybe you have to be more “creative” – working through youth groups in your city or state, connecting with a campus tour, running ads on social media, working through ministry alumni and your present students to connect with incoming students.

But once you have that info, how are you using it? Presumably, the goal is to advertise your ministry.

But what if you did that and MORE? Have you considered helping incoming students do more than just find your ministry?

These students are making eternal decisions right now – selecting roommates, selecting dorms, scheduling classes, getting oriented to campus. They’re thinking about other types of organizations besides college ministry, too.

But you and your student leaders know far more than members of the Class of ’20 know. Why wouldn’t you offer them wisdom about these “sundry details” while you also disciple them about finding a college ministry?

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