what’s changing with your school under your nose?

Whatever else summertime might mean for you, it probably means you’re not connecting with the actual campus as much (even if you’ve still got students around).

But don’t forget that this is a time when the school administration, trustees, and others are making plans – including plans to change – for the upcoming school year.

So how connected are you to what’s going on? While you may not have gained the relationship – yet – to be privy to all the discussions, summer’s a great time to (re)connect with administration and find out what’s coming down the pike. You might be surprised at what’s happening – or even what you might need to know about to minister most effectively this year.

It’s also a great chance for you to throw your support behind any changes (that you can support), building bonds and goodwill – important factors in the campus mission. A college minister’s should (usually) have a goal of being seen by campus officials as a full, active, valid participant in the campus community – but despite the excitement you have about your ministry, there’s little reason for admin to see you that way if you haven’t been connecting to their world.

So now’s your chance. Get in those offices or take someone to lunch, and find out what summer looks like in their world – and what the new school year’s going to look like in yours.

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