are you collegial, college minister?

One of the most fun things about Acton University is the truly collegial nature of the interactions with other attendees. No matter where I sit in a session, at a meal, or otherwise, people are interested to hear about my calling(s), and I love hearing about their situation – whether they’re in a church, at a seminary, in college ministry (yep!), serving with a non-profit, or otherwise connected.

We share a bond of sorts in being here – in this academic incubator on all things faith, work, and economics – and the common ground seems to encourage friendliness.

So my question is, Are you that way with your fellow college ministers on your campus or in your area?

As I’ve seen in my travels, some campuses have the unity thing rolling well. (And by unity, I don’t mean everybody collaborating – just being, well, collegial.) But is that the case in your spot? And have you done your part to make this a reality?

College ministers at a single campus have WAY more in common than this far-reaching, international, ecumenical conference crowd. And yet the busyness of the job, the inherent worries about “competition,” and more threaten to keep college ministers from the very normal, very biblical sort of friendliness that their unique bonds should foster.

College ministry is too small a field for us not to be kind to others in it. If you haven’t played your part – or even if it’s just time to re-up your connection – summer’s a great moment for such things.

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