your week of focus

I don’t know if you’re wired like me. I’m a task-oriented fellow.

But I imagine even if you’re not, there are moments when you should take a week (or some length of time) to focus on improvement, learning, growing in one area.

Summer is great for that. What’s the area of your ministry that you could seek counsel on, study, read a book about, even Google across a week or so? What’s the in-depth dive you need to make on a topic? Is there a biblical difficulty you need to finally find solid footing on… even if it takes some library trips?

This week (starting today), I get to make another deep dive into the world of connecting faith with the world of work. I’m returning to the fascinating Acton University conference in Grand Rapids, and I can’t wait to get there. But whether that’s your topic or not, I hope you’ll consider if there’s something worth investing a week in this summer.

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