the weekly (a fridea)

One of the interesting additions to my church job over the past couple of years has been editing a weekly blog for our team. In it, we explore outreach-related notions, and our readership is the church body at large.

But the sideline benefits have probably been just as great as that opportunity to equip:

  • Our team members each have the chance to pitch in and share their point of view (as well as some other volunteers)
  • We’re forced (as a team) to put some ideas in writing that previously were only spoken – which can make all the difference in firming up one’s understanding (or proving we don’t quite have understanding like we thought we did)
  • We get our principles, major themes, and answers to common questions in print, perfectly linkable anytime we need them afterwards
  • Likely makes our team members better writers, which is always a win

Have you considered building a weekly platform that involves your student leaders – or even faculty or other “trusted friends” at your school? Yes, this is work, although it’s the kind of thing a mature Journalism major or English major or Social Media major could likely handle well (and enjoy).

And though it’s a healthy amount of work, it has produced some great pieces, things we can use and re-use as needed.

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