“working across the aisle” for summer

Summer’s just weird in college ministry.

But every branch* faces weirdness. So today’s Fridea offers a chance to help out, connect with other college ministers in your town, and build unity.

[*Branches: campus-based, church-based, institutional, and collegiate church]

The Fridea: Get involved with a ministry in town that’s functioning differently than yours this summer.

This could actually mean a few different things. For instance:

  • You (the college minister) may have few (or no) students / few activities to shepherd this summer. In that case, spend some time with a ministry that does.
  • Your ministry may be blowing-and-going this summer. In that case, invite a few (less busy) local college ministers in to help, to speak, or just to hang out with you and the students.
  • It might make sense to combine your ministry with another local ministry in town, all summer or for special events. This builds unity but also critical mass!

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