the open forum for the tricky question

I was reminded this week of the value of letting ministry members – or even just your student leaders – dialogue about some of the trickier questions that are raised among Evangelical Christians. The list could include plenty of things: predestination, egalitarianism, speaking in tongues, the rapture, losing one’s salvation, and other topics in these topics’ categories or in other ones.

When’s the last time your leaders (or everybody) had the chance just to ask about this stuff… with you or others who can offer a breadth of knowledge on the topic, a balanced approach to tackling it?

In the new semester (or with students around for the summer), you might consider beginning to sprinkle these sorts of “hot topics” conversations into your ministry calendar – with an unstructured opportunity to dialogue and even disagree. If ALL that is accomplished is realizing that

  • not every theological topic can be “answered” in 10 minutes
  • good men and women differ on various topics
  • tricky theological topics can still matter a great deal
  • or it’s safe to ask, doubt, and wonder – even about theological distinctives of your branch of Christianity

…then that’s a win and good discipleship.

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  1. This is one of our biggest times in our college ministry. Each semester, we have a time similar to this in which I bring in other members of the church to help answer those questions.

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