summer is for classes? (a fridea)

You should consider sitting in on a college class or two this summer.

Now hear me out.

This is an opportunity to see that side of campus, just like you sit in the Student Center, go to the games, etc. And summer is an easier time to spend 50 minutes or an hour-20 sitting in a class.

This is a side of the college experience that we tend to forget exists – even though it’s ostensibly the point. And even if we recognize students are going to class, it’s probable that “class” looks a little different now than when you last attended college.

Your students are spending twelve to eighteen hours every week in these environments. Surely your messages should be peppered with references to class. What’s more, if you’re working to know your context, seeing professors in action (and particularly well-known ones or ones “everybody takes”) should be part of your study.

So to recap, visiting class:

  • Helps keep your illustrations and exhortations current
  • Helps you know the context where you’re a missionary
  • Helps you understand your students’ experience
  • …and you just might learn some cool stuff. It is college, after all.


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