happy with the annual seasons

This has been a weird  year in our church. A great – but very taxing – conference in the middle of the spring meant that for staff, normal priorities and programs either took a backseat or disappeared from our calendars altogether. That was certainly true for my spot on staff.

But my last large spring project will (mostly) come to an end at the beginning of June. And I’m learning that this is the normal rhythm around here – busy spring; more chill summer and fall – even when we don’t have a giant conference to plan.

Along with learning that’s normal, I have learned to be okay with it. And you have to too. College ministry is filled with annual seasons (as we’re all well aware). But the danger comes when we try to be “balanced” all year long – on a weekly basis – rather than being balanced across the whole year.

Its not just “okay” but is WISE to push non-urgent things off until the less-busy season (summer, for most). But it’s also vital that those more “flexible” moments be used to make great strides in excellence… since Septembet isn’t a time for improvement but a time for execution. And so on, as we think purposefully about each major and minor “season.”

It’s a FAIL if I overcorrect this summer, letting laziness and an overabundance of rest take the place of my best moving-forward season. (Or if I fail to “catch up” on all the important things I’ve needed to catch up on.) But I’m also failing if I get too stressed out when some stuff goes on hiatus or moves a little slower in the crazy times.

It’s about recognizing the seasons, discerning their purposes, and then actually executing to accomplish those purposes.

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