deploy for depth (a fridea)

A quick summertime Fridea today, something that I’ve never quite landed on before.

And I think I love this idea.

Urge your student leaders – whether they’re at home or staying in town – to learn from the college ministers and student leaders at other campuses.

This one actually works better for those students who go back home. Because they’re in an area where you’re not likely to visit anytime soon – and they have the chance to “get intel” from a variety of ministries. Maybe even ministries not as strong (or not represented at all) in your own mission field.

The benefits might be more than we first realize, too:

  • Lets student leaders learn about college ministry
  • Lets your ministry learn from another college ministry (when students share what they discover)
  • Broadens your students’ understanding of what college ministry can look like
  • Gives your leaders ownership within your ministry and its progress
  • Challenges students who aren’t natural “connectors”
  • Might get some students interested in college ministry as a vocation

How great would it be for your students to learn about small groups from a church that was knocking it out of the park? If they learned about multicultural college ministry from a ministry known for doing it well (like InterVarsity)? Or learned about a leadership structure from a Christian college that had built an awesome one? Or got some thoughts about building a culture of fun from Young Life College or Cru? If they examined how a local church had well-integrated students into the whole church?

I think you get the idea. I also think you could come up with a mix of great questions for your students to ask… and a way to cast this vision so they’ve got freedom and simply get the chance to grow. You might have to do the homework on which ministries to point students to… but you can do that, right?

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