a new view: campus geography

This is something that’s so easy to ignore once a college ministry gets planted and is running relatively smoothly… but campus geography absolutely matters. But if you were a missionary, you’d consider where you lived and where you planted a church and where you spent your time based on the where the people are, what locations are most accessible, what places are most visible or “noticeable,” and so on.

And hopefully you’d consider it anew, every once in awhile.

Geography isn’t everything, but it’s something!

(This week I’m offering several “new viewpoints” for you to ponder as the school year comes to a close. Check out the first two here and here.)

And so while we’re working on “new views,” here’s one: Reconsider the geography of everything you do.

When was the last time you really gave fresh eyes to the locations involved in your ministry? You’ve likely got a Large Group, various small groups (on- or off-campus), regular events, and less-regular events. Each of them is at a place. And together, they form a sort of map of impact, too.

Taken separately and taken together, are you maximizing your very particular chances of reaching the campus? Would God have you consider any moves?

(Don’t let the practical reasons you started with keep you from creatively and prayerfully examining now.)

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