a new view: leaving a mark

This week, I’m offering some new viewpoints on the ministry you’re devoted to. And I’m writing fast, because Finals Week approaches (or is already here). (See the first here.)

Would they miss you?

I’ve heard churches talk about serving their communities so well that if they disappeared, the city would deeply miss them.

But I haven’t heard college ministries speak like this too often.

College ministry has a history of focusing on drawing students and discipling students (once they’re within the fold), and its impact in this arena has been great. But how often are these “missions to the campus tribes” also led by their ministers to be valuable members of the tribe itself, in the mold of a William Carey and the missionaries since that benefited their lands alongside the Good News they offered and churches they built?

If your ministry folded up this summer, would the “rest of campus” – students, faculty, administration not already connected to your work – be sad? Truly upset? Devastated? What could have happened this year to get them to miss you? In light of all your other goals, would those adjustments be worth pursuing next year?

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