a new view: considering the one

This week – as Finals Week is either upon us or is barreling down the tracks – I thought I’d offer a different sort of series. And pretty brief posts, to boot. I’m looking at different ways to look at your campus. I imagine it’ll be part “brainstorming tools” and part “tweaking what you’ve got.” But we’ll see.

And if you want, you could actually stroll through your campus this week, “putting on” these different viewpoints… Have fun.

Considering the One

When college ministers think about recruiting, they think about “bang for your buck,” and that’s valid. You often want to draw as many as you can, in hopes that some will find a place to be impacted.

But what if – just for a moment – you switched that around? What if you actually walked through your campus and considered what might draw one student? (Or better yet, think about actual students you know who aren’t attending your ministry.)

Ask yourself what type of ministry might draw that one student. If you were building a ministry from scratch to reach that guy or that girl, what would you do?

I realize this is all hypothetical and therefore could lead to some brainstorming-stereotyping. But the point is really to get at this question: Is there anything we could change, add, or subtract that might draw a different kind of student?

You’ll come up with some items. That doesn’t mean you change. But it probably means you pray about it.

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