it’s not in your budget, buildings, or bosses

As I noted yesterday, I’m getting to attend some back-to-back conferences this week. And along with all my tasks here (at the first one), I’m also keeping my eye out for college ministry connections. (As we always should.)

One of the first points that came up the very first day was noting that our church’s facilities, size, etc., aren’t our church’s reasons for having an impact. They’re nice, but it’s our people who make a difference.

You think that applies to college ministries?! Way too often we may look at the “big ministry on campus” – yes, on many campuses there is one clear one – and think that our place in the spiritual ecosystem is somehow lesser, or unnecessary, or only “complementary” to the major work taking place in that ministry. Especially because of the benefits they may have in budget, buildings, or bosses.

We easily think, “If we had their building… or their lack of a building to worry about… or their funding… or the same freedom not to fundraise… or the kind of overseers who “get it” like they do…,” then of course we’d have the same impact.

That’s not the way God’s call works, though. In His sovereignty and brilliance, He’s working out a missionary endeavor on your campus through people and proclaiming His truth, not primarily through budget and buildings and bosses. You have the chance to do something great, if indeed God is calling you to this place at this time. And if He hasn’t given you those “accouterments” that would – sure – be nice, then that’s His call. It’s not wrong to wish for those things, but let’s not wish like those are primary to the mission. They’re not.

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