You’ve got more chances to learn about college ministry than you think.

Today, my church embarks on its first ever “Church Leaders Conference.” I’ll be learning in big sessions, greeting about 750 coming to our campus, and even speaking or facilitating a few times. Then this weekend, I’ll be at Q Conference (in Denver this year), joining that gathering for the first time.

So conferences are on my mind.

And I’m reminded that just about any ministry conference – even two that have very little overt application to college ministry – can be used to make a college minister better. IF they keep their campus ministry hat on.

But this requires attention, not just attending. It means we can’t simply seek out broad-application points to tweet or “hot topics” to argue about.

If we can do that, we can come home with some really great wisdom to apply narrowly to our particular calling to the campus.

And so if this is all true, suddenly there’s a bigger pool from which to find Collegiate Ministry Training… if you are willing to do the work to “translate it” to your own calling. A church-planting conference, leadership conference, denominational conference, theology conference… each of these (and more) can be viewed through college ministry lenses.

And thus each becomes your chance to learn, your chance to share learnings with others, your chance to pull wisdom from outside our field into our field. (Where it belongs?)