sit back & watch (a fridea)

As you approach the end of the semester, you could be in a variety of “modes” when it comes to your main structures (Large Group Meeting, small groups, etc.): coasting because things are running smoothly, working like crazy as you finish strongly, letting student leaders take charge, or whatever your particular end-of-year efforts require.

But one thing I’d encourage before the summer hits is to sit back and watch. With the emphasis being… watch.

When’s the last time you closely “observed the operation” of your Large Group Meeting, small groups, or other major events? When’s the last time you took notes across a night, with no other duties except to think about the good, the bad, and the ugly of your present system?

Assuming you can turn things over to some staff or student leaders, take the opportunity – before it’s too late – to examine your events in real time. (Yes, you can sit in on a small group meeting or other small environment, too.)

You’ll gain some wisdom about adjustments for next year – and you’ll probably realize some things you should do more of, too.

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