what could happen with a brainstorming day? (a fridea)

You’re nearing the end of the school year. And it’s likely you’re planning to work through ideas and changes for the next school year… later.

That’s perfectly fine for staff, volunteers, and any student leaders who will be around this summer. But what about the rest of your ministry? What about the student leaders and simply students who you won’t see for awhile – but who are in the very best possible position to think about ideas for the future RIGHT NOW?

So this week’s Fridea has the potential to be something very cool: Hold a facilitated brainstorming day between now and the end of the semester. (Just don’t call it Facilitated Brainstorming Day. That’s super-boring.)

This is perfect for a Saturday, but any night could also work. Potentially even in place of your Large Group Meeting, although this event might make more sense as an standalone – so you get regular members who come by choice, not students who might just be visiting or not care enough to help with the messy task of ideation.

It might be wild to see what students come up with – especially if you let them go wild on the various aspects of your college ministry. As long as you can set expectations reasonably so people don’t expect you to assimilate ALL (or any?) of their ideas, I bet your students can think further out of the box than most of your staff could. You might even take a look at my “better way to brainstorm” – perfect for even those students who wouldn’t say they’re naturally “creative.”

Have fun. This really could produce some amazing ideas for the fall.

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