who are the [blank] fans [blanking] with?

The Major League Baseball season began this week, and it’s likely you’ve got some baseball fans in your ministry. As they face the next 162 games (assuming they’re only fans of one team!), they might find time to watch a healthy number of those games.

Across your campus, there are a number of other baseball fans, too.

So have you been progressively growing your students to see their passion as an opportunity to build relationships with the unchurched and de-churched?

The same would go for your Dancing with the Stars fans. Or those who really like going to your school’s wrestling team’s competitions. Or those who enjoy the symphony or theater in town. Or those who get a kick out of reading the latest young adult fiction.

Just about any “fandom” can be used strategically for ministry (whether it’s relationship-building or even more) – from watching parties to book clubs to actual “fan clubs.”

That’s what missional thinkers do. Not that we have to lay a legalistic requirement on our students, that anything they enjoy must be enjoyed evangelistically or not at all. But are you growing your students to see the opportunity?

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