your missing ingredient in evangelism, debating hot topics, & other campus impact

You’ve got a variety of areas in which you want students to be “ready to speak”: Evangelism opportunities, of course (and not only those creatively “engineered” by the students). Standing up for the faith, too – especially in the areas of hot-button issues like homosexuality, race, anything that seems “political,” etc. Even offering someone compassion in a moment of grief is much better when it’s truly an “apt word.”

So with various arenas in which Christian students can impact their campus through timely words… how often are your students going in with experience?

“Role play” is used in plenty of contexts where saying the right thing matters – like counseling or (in my wife’s case) social work. But how often do we offer those opportunities in ministry? But whether students are preparing to easily spit out their 3-minute testimony or to answer why they take a (wildly unpopular) biblical stance, role play is a perfect training opportunity. And these aren’t things they shouldn’t be discussing for the first time “on the front lines.”

Help them practice. Role play it out.

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