get thee to a conference (a fridea on thursday)

Take it from the guy who’s been to 40-plus campus ministry conferences: This will make you better

This isn’t the first time I’ve encouraged this, and it won’t be the last. But it’s a HUGE idea for you, O college minister, as the summer approaches.

Go to a college ministry conference.

No, not (only) one connected to your organization or denomination. But any conference, perhaps especially those that come from outside your circles.

This is on my mind because I have the fun chance to speak at Elevate, a college student / young adult / minister gathering over in Fort Worth in a few weeks. (Be sure to check it out, especially if you’re somewhat local.) This gathering happens to be held at a Church of Christ – not my particular branch of Christianity, and possibly not yours. But that’s the point: You can learn plenty from other college ministers, regardless of their type, focus, denomination, etc.

And the second is like it: There isn’t enough college ministry collaboration out there – since our field is underdeveloped – for us simply to stick close to home within our learning.

Here’s an even bolder statement: I honestly believe you’ll never be as good a college minister as you could be unless you get some “cross-training.” We should learn from other circles of college ministers because it stretches our vision, creativity, and understanding. In fact, it’s wild to realize that what’s commonplace in some circles is completely unknown in others.

What’s better: Knowing the Best Practices of your group, or the Best Practices of ALL of ’em?

So with summer approaching, what if you made a pilgrimage… to someone else’s shrine, as it were? There are plenty out there (just ask around), and you’re likely to be welcomed with open arms. Maybe you can even go with someone from your campus.

Take it from the guy who’s been to 40+ college ministry forums: This will make you better.

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