church history’s allure

How often do you…

  • teach church history
  • or use church history examples within messages?

Hopefully you’re nodding your head because you already recognize that college students often love this stuff. They (and Millennials in general) are seeking “depth” (whether they define that biblically or not), and acknowledgement of our “vintage” faith offers that. Discussing “roots,” meanwhile, smacks of authenticity – another cardinal virtue among the Millennials, of course.

But maybe this isn’t something you’ve incorporated yet. It can be a great interlude to add variety to your series, a great way to introduce theology – and even important theological differences, or a great way to inspire via biography – offering a look at the “cloud of witnesses” that have fought good fights before us.

Whether it makes it into a message or message series from the stage, or you point students to it in small groups or even solo learning or leader training, the study of Christian history offers an awesome ride for the next generation to join its ranks.

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