teach ’em how you got there

Of all ministry environments, college ministry is one of the best possible places for the “resources detour” when we’re giving messages to students.

How did you study for your message series on James? What resources helped you dialogue with a non-Christian the other day? What was your system for putting together this summer’s mission trip wisely and impactfully? Whose podcast helped you decide the next theme for small groups?

The point is, college ministry shouldn’t just be teaching students truth, but it should be teaching students how to discover truth and process truth on their own. And your most ready-made opportunity is simply to reveal how you’ve done the same.

This may not be the best “message delivery method,” but your job isn’t speaking (even when you’re speaking). It’s teaching + training + discipling, which means you should probably let them see behind the curtain every chance you get.

Plus… students are in learning environments right now anyway. A “detour” may not even feel unnatural to them. (Plus millennials are fans of variety and depth, and this is a win on both counts.)

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