the are-they-on-board-at-this-point-in-the-year test

Your student leaders.

Are they excited to come to leader meetings? Are they thrilled about what you’ve accomplished together? Do they “own” this movement at this point, with joy and gratefulness and pride in a fantastic mission?

You’ve involved them for months now (if you use an August to May strategy). You’ve shared your vision (or not), your hopes (or not), the methods behind the magic (or madness).

So are they on board? Are they excited to be part of this team doing great things among college students so you can see God do great things on campus? Are they even excited to be on the leadership team, getting to see “how the sausage is made” and “behind the curtain”… and liking their role more, not less?

Or are they looking forward to May, right around the corner? Would they really do it all again if they could… and even if they felt like they weren’t “absolutely needed”? Do they see their role as a “get to” before they see it as a “need to”?

Need + expectation + peer pressure (or leader pressure) can get a lot of student leaders in place. So a good evaluation for this time of the year is, “Did they get fully on board with the vision, and are they still on board with the vision?”

Inspired by this quick Seth Godin post.

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