wish I’d learned #3: narrowing my focus

I’ve been blogging this week about what I wish I’d had the opportunity to learn during college, from the college ministries pouring into me. Another of those things is a better understanding of how God had created and equipped me, a narrowing of my focus on how I could best make an impact in college and beyond.

I’ve written before,

Far too often, people grow up learning, “You can do anything you work hard to do,” whether parents, teachers, or mentors are trying to push that mantra or not. And we see certain examples of Leadership, because they’re the most public forms, far more than we see other examples. So – at least when we’re talking about spiritual leadership – it’s easy to assume that true LEADERS will end up as teaching pastors or worship leaders or some other form of upfront communicators. But in fact, there’s leadership available for every spot on the personality spectrum and for every skill God provides to people.

I just wish that idea – and tools to narrow that down for myself – had been pounded into my head during college ministry (or before).

No, I can’t assume I would have fully “gotten it” while still a college student; pride might have ignored the fact that I shouldn’t aspire to everything I might want to do. But it would have been great to have more opportunities to think about narrowing that down. Had I been given tools to use, I might have used them eventually to discern my impact path (regardless of career path).

Like I note above, passionate Christian students’ own vision for their future ministry is often far too narrow, simply because they haven’t been exposed to faithful examples of great mentors who make an impact from places other than the stage. Let’s do what we can to share the panorama of God’s possible callings.

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