wish I’d learned #2: conflict resolution

Yesterday I started a series on what I wish I’d learned during my own college years. While trusting the Lord’s sovereignty, I realize there are various topics that could have impacted my future self well.

(And yes, in this entire series, I’m well aware that I could be forgetting something I did hear. This is just an interesting way to write a series about topics worth teaching… that can easily get left out.)

Another of those topics is conflict resolution. I’m not sure how much friendship was discussed in my college ministries all that much anyway, let alone how to deal with conflict within friendship or the variety of other relationships – dating, parents, bosses, teachers, etc.

“Leaning into conflict” is one of the pillars of how my present church talks about this, and that principle alone would have helped me at a few key junctures in my life since college. So would have great examples – from college ministers or other mentors – of how they had successfully navigated conflict in their own relationships.

Students will face conflict. Several in your ministry are probably facing it now. It’s certainly a skill for success in the years after college. So what if we made conflict resolution something we taught – regularly and thoroughly – in collegiate ministry?

What do you wish you’d learned in campus ministry?

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