quick notes: vocation, tweeting, stretching, & riding

Great time at Jubilee Conference. But I’m a little (or more than a little) worn out. So while later this week I might exegete some of the happenings a bit more for our field, here are some quick items for your consideration that more or less have to do with this past weekend:

1. Vocation really is something to talk about with students. I’ve seen it. It’s powerful. And every college minister should either be directly teaching about how to live out one’s faith within vocation* or they should be pointing students to resources to learn about this.

*within their vocation is different than with their vocation. It’s easy to tell students to use their degree for church or parachurch service outside of their professional working hours. But that removes them from the obligation to do their 40-hours-a-week to the glory of God, too.

2. I’ve begun tweeting again. It’s possible I’ll actually keep it up. My Twitter production will likely evolve over the next few months, and I don’t plan only to tweet about college ministry. But if you might find my thoughts helpful, I’d be honored to have you follow @bensonhines. (If you look at this past weekend, you’ll see some quick hits from Jubilee and also my lunch with a goldfish.)

3. Go get stretched by someone else’s conference. I can’t begin to tell you the value of making your way to a college ministry conference outside your normal organization. This can be with or without students. You will, without a doubt, be stretched and better for it. (Not only is attending Jubilee like that for me, but I gave that advice to a friend I saw up there – in that case, for a CCO college minister to attend Collegiate Week with the Southern Baptists.)

4. Uber is great.

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