host a competition (a fridea)

This one came to me while watching Top Chef, but it reminds me of something my wife and I saw in New England on vacay (in that case, a cooking competition for kids, held to raise money for something or other).

I’ve written before about taking your ministry as a cohort to visit events, like recitals (I called it an “attendance bomb”). This Fridea is like that in reverse.

The Fridea: Host competitions (or other showcases), for students from your campus.

 Could your ministry host an art show? A “sing-off”? A dance-off? Slam poetry? Regular, non-slam poetry? An old-school field day?

Maybe the place to start is wherever you’ve got students who are already into an area that lends itself to competition. (And you might be surprised – there are more ways to compete than you think.)

But whatever the case, what a way to integrate with your campus and bring some new students around. Some missionaries would chomp at the bit to connect with their cities in this way – you, campus missionary, have an easy path to this one.

Oh- and don’t forget some quality prizes.

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