students headed for “vocational ministry”?

WM Residency

As you may or may not have noticed, I’m really slow to endorse, well, anything. I need to be reasonably assured that a book, conference, etc., would be valuable before I’ll urge you to invest in it. I’m all the more careful about endorsing anything connected to myself.

But after three years of watching our church’s Residency in action, I can truly say this is something worth pointing your students to, if they’re interested in some intense biblical training coupled with true hands-on ministry opportunities. They truly do distinguish this from an internship – mostly because of a few things:

  • A large Bible/theology component. Some Residents do this after seminary, some before, but some will likely do this instead of seminary.
  • Full placement on a staff team as a staff member. Residents aren’t (generally) making copies and running to the store. Instead, they’re given ownership of big chunks of ministry, for whatever staff team they’re on for those ten months.
  • Generally for those headed toward work in a church or ministry. Usually Residents are at least”strongly considering” ministry as their profession, and plenty have been doing that already for several years.

Anyway, you and your students can find a good run-down at the Watermark Residency page. Or if you know of other young adult-types, they’re certainly welcome (and sometimes are more the target audience than just-graduated college students).

But here’s the kicker – and sorry for the late notice – applications are due March 1. Sometimes those in charge of the Residency extend the deadline, but I don’t know their plans this year.

If you have questions, feel free to send them my way! And if you’ve got a student specifically interested in Outreach, Missions, or even Church Communications, let’s talk about them serving on my team!

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