tithing time to the campus (a fridea)

What if you established a goal for 10% (or so) of your activities to be somehow integrated with the campus?

So maybe that means every couple of months for you, or maybe it means once a semester. (It kinda depends on how you define “event,” too.) But whatever the case, you purposely get the members of your ministry into the campus – maybe you’re tailgating before a game, attending a campus-run event, joining in another club’s activity, etc.

In any case, being a valuable member of the campus tribe shouldn’t really be optional, should it? Daniel gives us a guide, I suppose, and our witness demands it. But it’s also a college minister’s chance to teach his students these skills, which are pretty easy to undertake now, on a fun-and-bubble-like campus, but will have a greater level of difficulty when they hit the young adult world.

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